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Landis Admits Doping; Claims Lance Armstrong Also Used



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    VALENCIA, CA - FEBRUARY 24: 2006 Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis of the U.S. looks up at the finish of Stage 6 of the AMGEN Tour of California February 24, 2007 in Valencia, California. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

    Floyd Landis, the only Tour de France winner to ever be stripped of his title, admitted in an interview to using performance-enhancing drugs over the course of his cycling career.

    In an interview with and in emails obtained by the The Wall Street Journal, Landis also claimed that several other cyclists, including his former teammate and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong,  took substances such as human growth hormone and steroids to improve their performance.

    According to the Journal, Armstrong did not respond to messages seeking comment. He has been accused of doping on several occasions throughout his years in the sport, but has always denied the charges and has never been sanctioned.

    In a series of e-mails sent to both ESPN and The Journal, Landis described his drug usage and methods used to avoid detection, such as learning how to conduct blood transfusions.

    He also claimed that Armstrong taught him how the various drugs and techniques worked.

    "He and I had lengthy discussions about it on our training rides during which time he also explained to me the evolution of EPO testing and how transfusions were now necessary due to the inconvenience of the new test," Landis wrote in an e-mail published by the Journal.