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NFL Adviser Busted for Ponzi Scheme

Michael Vick's former adviser stole $3 million, cops say



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    Michael Vick's former adviser has been busted for engineering a Ponzi scheme.

    Bernie Madoff's got some competition -- in the NFL.

    Former NFL adviser Mary Wong, who worked with Michael Vick and two other major NFL players, was charged Monday with stealing $3 million from eight victims in a Ponzi-style scheme akin to Bernie Madoff's wallet-busting swindle.

    Prosecutors say Wong used the money she raised from investments she sold to bolster her other businesses, using money from existing investors to pay past clients.

    Wong has also worked with Demorrio Williams of the Kansas City Chiefs and twin brothers Josh Bullocks and Daniel Bullocks of the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, respectively.

    Vick sued Wong in January for $2 million, a case that is pending in Virginia. Vick claims in the lawsuit Wong convinced him to give her power of attorney, which put her in control of his cash.

    Wong was barred in 2007 from trading securities on the New York Stock Exchange.