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Status of Pettitte Unchanged: Cashman



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    Yankees fans probably had one question on their minds after a flurry of reports broke late Wednesday night about the status of pitcher Andy Pettitte: is he in or out?

    According to General Manager Brian Cashman, things remain unchanged between the team and the 38-year-old lefty after a New York Daily News story quoted Cashman saying that Pettitte had "chosen at this stage at least not to start in 2011," reports the New York Times.

    The Daily News story - which has since been taken down - set off a firestorm of speculation that caused Cashman to issue additional comments to clear up matters.

    He told the Times that he used "a poor choice of words" when he spoke to the Daily News, saying that the situation was "a misunderstanding." He said that he meant to use the word "play" or "pitch," but instead used "start," which was interpreted as meaning "begin the season."

    "I haven't talked to Andy," Cashman told the Times. "He hasn't told me anything like he doesn't want to play in the beginning. It's the same thing: he has chosen not to play. There's nothing new: Andy Pettitte is not in play."

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