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TCU to Join UConn in the Big East



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    Brian Bahr
    SuperFrog, the mascot of the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs, on the field during a game. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

    The Big East is getting a little bigger as it expands west to Texas. TCU, Texas Christian University, is joining UConn and the 15 other schools of the conference.

    NBCDFW's Newy Scruggs reported the move on his Facebook page on Monday morning, and the school's board of trustees approved the invitation on Monday.

    Several TCU athletics employees told Scruggs TCU would move, in all sports, from the Mountain West Conference to the Big East, and  the Associated Press reports the move will come after the 2011-12 academic year.

    Right now, UConn – with a 7-4 record -- controls the fate for the Bowl Championship Series, in part because the conference lacks a dominant team. 

    But a TCU entrance into the Big East would likely change that.

    TCU’s third-ranked Horned Frogs-- 12-0 -- would have automatic access to the Bowl Championship Series and its five big-money games.

    Right now, TCU ranks highest for a school from a conference without automatic access into the Bowl Championship Series, which means things will likely get a little more difficult for UConn to be bowl eligible.

    The Big East will be the fourth conference for TCU since the Southwest Conference broke apart after the 1995 season and the Frogs weren't among the Texas schools that became part of the Big 12.
    NBCDFW's Newy Scruggs and AP's Stephen Hawkins contributed to this report