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The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang

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History Made: Shaun White Wins Team USA's 100th Winter Games Gold Medal

In addition to winning the 100th gold for Team USA, Shaun White is the first snowboarder to win three Olympic gold medals



    Team USA's Shaun White, one of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games' biggest stars, won a gold medal Wednesday morning that holds additional prestige: the 100th for the United States in the Winter Olympics.

    White won the men's halfpipe final, where in his third and final run he came back from second place to edge out Japan's Ayumu Hirano.

    White went into the race with a chip on his shoulder -- in Sochi, he failed to medal in the event, placing fourth. But his near-perfect run finished another title White was seeking: He is the first snowboarder to win three Olympic gold medals. 

    In the qualifying round, White put up a commanding 98.5 score, the highest of the night. And White will go into the halfpipe final with a chip on his shoulder after placing fourth in Sochi. 

    These US Athletes Won Medals at the 2018 Winter OlympicsThese US Athletes Won Medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics

    Chloe Kim's soaring performance in the halfpipe Tuesday morning in Pyeongchang earned the U.S. its 99th gold medal, setting fellow snowboarder White up to seize the 100th.

    Skiing star Mikaela Shiffrin missed out on the 100th gold medal for Team USA, having been thwarted twice by dangerous winds that have been postponing her events.

    She looks to defend her slalom gold medal from Sochi, and her chance of standing atop the podium is strong -- she is the youngest-ever Olympic slalom champion and the first woman to win three consecutive slalom world titles in 78 years. She is a heavy favorite in the slalom and the giant slalom. 

    White's 100th gold continues an American tradition that stretches back to the first medal ever won at a Winter Olympics by any country, a feat accomplished by a man from Lake Placid, New York, who shocked the rest of the world, according to a history of the feat posted on the Olympics' website.

    In 1924, Charles Jewtraw was 24 and a two-time U.S. speedskating champion when he arrived at the first Winter Games in Chamonix, a resort in the French Alps. (Initially just a week of winter sports put on by the International Olympic Committee, the event would be retroactively deemed the first Olympic Winter Games.)

    Photos of Jewtraw from the time show a lean man with a mop of dark hair who wore tights and a turtleneck when he raced.

    A Finn named Clas Thunberg was the man to beat in the first event, the 500 meters, according to the Olympics' account, and Thunberg indeed would win three other speedskating events that year.

    But Jewtraw "drew gasps from the spectators" when he zoomed away to start his heat. He burned up the oval in just 44.00 seconds, beating two Norwegians and Thunberg, who wound up in a tie for third.

    Jewtraw didn't place in his two other races at Chamonix and he didn't compete in another Olympics. But he was inducted into the National Speedskating Hall of Fame in 1963.

    "Humility and gentlemanly conduct were also Jewtraw trademarks," the Lake Placid Hall of Fame notes.

    Today, his gold medal is in the Smithsonian's collection.

    The 100 gold medals that the U.S. have won so far are a fraction of those won in Olympic history. Team USA is traditionally more dominant in the Summer Games — Norway has more winter gold medals than the U.S. — and there are more events in the summer as well.

    100 Gold Medals for Team USA

    1Jan 26, 1924Charley JewtrawSpeedskatingMen500m
    2*Feb 17, 1928Jennison HeatonSkeletonMenSkeleton
    3*Feb 17, 1928TeamBobsleddingMenFour
    4Feb 4, 1932Jack SheaSpeedskatingMen500m
    5Feb 4, 1932Irving JaffeeSpeedskatingMen5,000m
    6Feb 5, 1932Jack SheaSpeedskatingMen1,500m
    7Feb 8, 1932Irving JaffeeSpeedskatingMen10,000m
    8Feb 9, 1932Curtis Stevens / Hubert StevensBobsleddingMenTwo
    9Feb 15, 1932TeamBobsleddingMenFour
    10Feb 15, 1936Ivan Brown / Al WashbondBobsleddingMenTwo
    11Feb 5, 1948Gretchen FraserAlpine SkiingWomenSlalom
    12Feb 5, 1948Dick ButtonFigure SkatingMenSingles
    13Feb 7, 1948TeamBobsleddingMenFour
    14Feb 14, 1952Andrea Mead-LawrenceAlpine SkiingWomenGiant Slalom
    15Feb 16, 1952Ken HenrySpeedskatingMen500m
    16Feb 20, 1952Andrea Mead-LawrenceAlpine SkiingWomenSlalom
    17Feb 21, 1952Dick ButtonFigure SkatingMenSingles
    18Feb 1, 1956Hayes JenkinsFigure SkatingMenSingles
    19Feb 2, 1956Tenley AlbrightFigure SkatingWomenSingles
    20Feb 23, 1960Carol HeissFigure SkatingWomenSingles
    21Feb 26, 1960David JenkinsFigure SkatingMenSingles
    22Feb 28, 1960TeamIce HockeyMenIce Hockey
    23Feb 4, 1964Terry McDermottSpeedskatingMen500m
    24Feb 10, 1968Peggy FlemingFigure SkatingWomenSingles
    25Feb 9, 1972Dianne HolumSpeedskatingWomen1,500m
    26Feb 10, 1972Anne HenningSpeedskatingWomen500m
    27Feb 11, 1972Barbara CochranAlpine SkiingWomenSlalom
    28Feb 6, 1976Sheila YoungSpeedskatingWomen500m
    29Feb 12, 1976Peter MuellerSpeedskatingMen1,000m
    30Feb 13, 1976Dorothy HamillFigure SkatingWomenSingles
    31Feb 15, 1980Eric HeidenSpeedskatingMen500m
    32Feb 16, 1980Eric HeidenSpeedskatingMen5,000m
    33Feb 19, 1980Eric HeidenSpeedskatingMen1,000m
    34Feb 21, 1980Eric HeidenSpeedskatingMen1,500m
    35Feb 23, 1980Eric HeidenSpeedskatingMen10,000m
    36Feb 24, 1980TeamIce HockeyMenIce Hockey
    37Feb 13, 1984Debbie ArmstrongAlpine SkiingWomenGiant Slalom
    38Feb 16, 1984Bill JohnsonAlpine SkiingMenDownhill
    39Feb 16, 1984Scott HamiltonFigure SkatingMenSingles
    40Feb 19, 1984Phil MahreAlpine SkiingMenSlalom
    41Feb 20, 1988Brian BoitanoFigure SkatingMenSingles
    42Feb 22, 1988Bonnie BlairSpeedskatingWomen500m
    43Feb 10, 1992Bonnie BlairSpeedskatingWomen500m
    44Feb 13, 1992Donna WeinbrechtFreestyle SkiingWomenMoguls
    45Feb 14, 1992Bonnie BlairSpeedskatingWomen1,000m
    46Feb 20, 1992Cathy TurnerShort-Track SSKWomen500m
    47Feb 21, 1992Kristi YamaguchiFigure SkatingWomenSingles
    48Feb 13, 1994Tommy MoeAlpine SkiingMenDownhill
    49Feb 15, 1994Diann Roffe-SteinrotterAlpine SkiingWomenSuper G
    50Feb 18, 1994Dan JansenSpeedskatingMen1,000m
    51Feb 19, 1994Bonnie BlairSpeedskatingWomen500m
    52Feb 23, 1994Bonnie BlairSpeedskatingWomen1,000m
    53Feb 24, 1994Cathy TurnerShort-Track SSKWomen500m
    54Feb 11, 1998Jonny MoseleyFreestyle SkiingMenMoguls
    55Feb 11, 1998Picabo StreetAlpine SkiingWomenSuper G
    56Feb 17, 1998TeamIce HockeyWomenIce Hockey
    57Feb 18, 1998Nikki StoneFreestyle SkiingWomenAerials
    58Feb 18, 1998Eric BergoustFreestyle SkiingMenAerials
    59Feb 20, 1998Tara LipinskiFigure SkatingWomenSingles
    60Feb 10, 2002Kelly ClarkSnowboardingWomenHalfpipe
    61Feb 11, 2002Ross PowersSnowboardingMenHalfpipe
    62Feb 12, 2002Casey FitzRandolphSpeedskatingMen500m
    63Feb 17, 2002Chris WittySpeedskatingWomen1,000m
    64Feb 19, 2002Derek ParraSpeedskatingMen1,500m
    65Feb 19, 2002Jill BakkenBobsleddingWomenTwo
    66Feb 20, 2002Tristan GaleSkeletonWomenSkeleton
    67Feb 20, 2002Jim Shea Jr.SkeletonMenSkeleton
    68Feb 20, 2002Apolo Anton OhnoShort-Track SSKMen1,500m
    69Feb 21, 2002Sarah HughesFigure SkatingWomenSingles
    70Feb 11, 2006Chad HedrickSpeedskatingMen5,000m
    71Feb 12, 2006Shaun WhiteSnowboardingMenHalfpipe
    72Feb 13, 2006Hannah TeterSnowboardingWomenHalfpipe
    73Feb 13, 2006Joey CheekSpeedskatingMen500m
    74Feb 14, 2006Ted LigetyAlpine SkiingMenCombined
    75Feb 16, 2006Seth WescottSnowboardingMenBoardercross
    76Feb 18, 2006Shani DavisSpeedskatingMen1,000m
    77Feb 24, 2006Julia MancusoAlpine SkiingWomenGiant Slalom
    78Feb 25, 2006Apolo Anton OhnoShort-Track SSKMen500m
    79Feb 13, 2010Hannah KearneyFreestyle SkiingWomenMoguls
    80Feb 15, 2010Seth WescottSnowboardingMenBoardercross
    81Feb 17, 2010Lindsey VonnAlpine SkiingWomenDownhill
    82Feb 17, 2010Shani DavisSpeedskatingMen1,000m
    83Feb 17, 2010Shaun WhiteSnowboardingMenHalfpipe
    84Feb 18, 2010Evan LysacekFigure SkatingMenSingles
    85Feb 21, 2010Bode MillerAlpine SkiingMenCombined
    86Feb 25, 2010Bill DemongNordic CombinedMenIndividual, Large
    87Feb 27, 2010TeamBobsleddingMenFour
    88Feb 8, 2014Sage KotsenburgSnowboardingMenSlopestyle
    89Feb 9, 2014Jamie AndersonSnowboardingWomenSlopestyle
    90Feb 12, 2014Kaitlyn FarringtonSnowboardingWomenHalfpipe
    91Feb 13, 2014Joss ChristensenFreestyle SkiingMenSlopestyle
    92Feb 17, 2014Meryl Davis / Charlie WhiteFigure SkatingMixedIce Dancing
    93Feb 18, 2014David WiseFreestyle SkiingMenHalfpipe
    94Feb 19, 2014Ted LigetyAlpine SkiingMenGiant Slalom
    95Feb 20, 2014Maddie BowmanFreestyle SkiingWomenHalfpipe
    96Feb 21, 2014Mikaela ShiffrinAlpine SkiingWomenSlalom
    97Feb 11, 2018Red GerardSnowboardingMenSlopestyle
    98Feb 12, 2018Jamie AndersonSnowboardingWomenSlopestyle
    99Feb 13, 2018Chloe KimSnowboardingWomenHalfpipe
    100Feb 13, 2018Shaun WhiteSnowboardingMenHalfpipe

    * Exact order of the 2nd and 3rd gold medals is uncertain.
    Source: olympics.org