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The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang

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Three Madison Athletes Head to the Olympics



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    Kiley McKinnon, Mac Bohonnon and Zach Donohue

    Libby Bohonnon just found out her son Mac, a freestyle skier, is going to the Olympics for the second time.

    "Relieved, thrilled, excited, proud, you name it," she said.

    She says it all makes sense looking back to his life growing up in Madison. 

    "He was the one who we always trying to fly off the kitchen counters, jumping off the trampoline, flipping off the diving board," Bohonnon said. "The one trying to keep up with the big kids."

    There are three competitors heading to Peyongchang from this small beach town. Bohonnon, another freestyle skier, Kiley McKinnon and ice dancer, Zach Donohue.

    Local business owners are coming together to support the three local athletes.

    "We'll get everyone to cheer in the town and all the Olympians and being proud to be part of Madison," shop owner, Joan Horton, said. 

    Olympic flags line the streets downtown.

    "It’s just town pride like nothing else," Robyn Wolcott from the Madison Chamber of Commerce said. 

    "I was jealous when Guilford had the American Idol. Now we’ve one-upped Guilford," joked Bohonnon. 

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