ACC Could Name 14th Member This Week

The Big East may not be done reinventing itself after losing West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse and now Rutgers. With Maryland headed for the Big Ten, the word on the street was that UConn, Louisville and Cincinnati -- or some combination -- could be headed to the ACC (USF was also mentioned as a possibility).

In theory, great news for the Huskies … except that's Jeremy Fowler writes that the logistics and timing may complicate things.

Sources tell Fowler that the ACC could name Maryland's replacement as soon as this week but that it's unlikely that the conference would expand membership from 14 to 16 schools.

Translation: three available spots have possibly dwindled to one. But there is good news: the Huskies are still the front runners. Details via Fowler:

UConn and Louisville are the favorites for the league's future 14th team. Maryland's defection to the Big Ten leaves the ACC with 13 entering the 2013 season. The league feels well-prepared for realignment talk after dealing with the additions of Pitt and Syracuse just 14 months ago, according to a source.

The ACC's 4-4-4 committee -- composed of presidents, athletic directors and faculty reps -- has been in the process of gathering information for the presidents. To add a school, ACC presidents would need a three-fourths-majority vote.

While UConn has been mum on their long-term plans since Pitt and Syracuse announced they were leaving last year, president Susan Herbst has stated previously that the university would do what was in it's best interests. And given the speed at which programs are bolting the Big East for perceived greener pastures, it's fair to assume that the Huskies' "best interests" align with joining the ACC. We could know for certain in the coming days.

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