Rockville High School Athletes Teach Next Generation

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Sports seasons have been cut short, postponed or canceled altogether but athletes in Connecticut are still showing up for their communities. This week’s "good sport” is a twofer out of Rockville High School.

First, Micahela Hodson, a junior on the Rams soccer team, spends her weekends volunteering with Team Mikro, a youth soccer team. She helps coach the kids and passes along her knowledge, watching as they learn the game.

“I've been playing soccer since I was their age so I like that I’m able to be part of their experience and really getting those first touches on the ball so young,” said Hodson.

And members of the football team getting involved in youth sports, too. Before the season ended, freshman Jayden Spaulding and junior Gavin Antonelli spent time afterschool and on weekends helping coach in Vernon’s youth football program.  

They said it’s bittersweet, since they don't have a season of their own, but they're happy to be back where they first learned to play.

“It hurt a little bit to know I can't have a season right now but it also made me feel good to know that these kids are going to have a season and have fun,” said Spaulding. “And it’s just fun seeing them have fun.”

“It makes me really happy to be out here because I can help the kids,” said Antonelli. “It’s like as if I was helping my own teammate but from a little bit of a different perspective.”

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