Ashley Caldwell

Team USA's Megan Nick Secures Bronze in Women's Aerials Finals

China's Xu Mengtao earns gold, Belarus' Hanna Huskova the silver and Team USA's Megan Nick the bronze in women's aerials

Team USA made quite the impression during the women's aerials finals. Megan Nick landed a full double fold in the super final, scoring her a 93.76, and earned bronze.

China’s Xu Mengtao landed a great final run, finishing with a 108.61 and earning the gold. This is China’s first gold in women’s aerials and China’s fifth gold in the 2022 Games.

Belarus’ Hannah Huskova, the defending gold medalist, secured silver with a score of 107.95.

USA’s Ashley Caldwell did not have her best run in the super final. She fell upon landing, scoring her 83.71, and securing fourth place.

Australia’s Laura Peel did not land her run in the super final either, scoring a 78.56, securing fifth and China’s Kong Fanyu had a major fall on her final run, scoring a 59.67, securing sixth.

Two Americans secured top six spots in the first final and qualified for the medal round including Ashley Caldwell and Megan Nick.

Team USA’s Caldwell landed the top seed and entered the super finals with a score of 105.60. China’s Xu Mengtao secured second, China’s Kong Fanyu (defending bronze medalist) secured third, Australia’s Laura Peel had fourth, USA’s Megan Nick had fifth and Belarus’ Hanna Huskova had sixth.

The first run of the final round ended in a great land for Caldwell, scoring her a 103.92. USA’s Nick hit her first jump and scored a 95.17 and USA’s Kaila Kuhn was not as fortunate, ending her run in a fall and finishing with a score of 76.49. 

The second run of the final round proved successful for Kuhn and Nick, who put up a score of 85.68 and 90.24 respectively. However, Kuhn was bumped out of the top six.

The qualification rounds took place just four hours before the finals on Monday after the event was postponed due to weather on Sunday.

Out of the 25 athletes competing in the qualification round, 12 athletes advanced to the finals. The finals consisted of two rounds, the first final and the super final. Each skier gets two jumps on the first final and the best jump depicts their entry into the medal round, which includes only the top six.

Three Americans advanced from the qualifications to the finals in women’s aerials, including Megan Nick, Kaila Kuhn and Ashley Caldwell. Winter Vinecki did not advance. 

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