Calhoun (Still) Uncertain of Future

Jim Calhoun, for what must be the 10,000th time this spring, stated Thursday that he's undecided on his future.

Calhoun, according to the Hartford Courant's Mike Anthony, "is still operating without a timetable, still making the rounds as part of his off season responsibilities, still saying little more than this: When he decides whether he'll return for a 26th season at UConn, and 40th overall, he'll let everyone know."  Calhoun made these remarks while appearing as the guest of honor at the St. Vincent's SWIM Across the Sound 8th annual Prostate Cancer Institute at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport.

For the love of all that's holy, can we either agree to quit asking him about his plans, or can he just admit them?

Barring an unforeseen chain of events, Calhoun, by all accounts, will coach in 2011. He said as much in the days after the Huskies' national championship win over Butler. And UConn's most recent recruit, DeAndre Daniels, said last week: “[Calhoun said] I don’t have to worry about him not being there. He said he’ll be there.”

That leaves little room for confusion.

Anthony continues: "Calhoun is just doing all he can to ensure the program remains in a good place and that whoever the coach is a few months from now will be in a desirable position. He met with new UConn president Susan Herbst Thursday, 'and I told her the same type of thing, that I'll know and we'll move forward.'"

Calhoun contends that, ultimately, he wants to leave the program in good shape before he retires. After a rough few months that included NCAA sanctions for poor academic performance, losing an assistant coach to a conference rival and seeing a player transfer, recent weeks have been kind to the Huskies. They landed two big-time recruits (Daniels in 2011 and Omar Calhoun in 2012), which puts the program in great shape going forward.

If Calhoun were to retire, this would be the perfect time. But what about his promise to Daniels? If Calhoun hung it up, would Daniels want to leave, too? And would Omar Calhoun back out of his commitment for 2012? It's all speculation at this point, but it's also a possibility worth considering.

For now, though, we're working from the premise that, come October, Calhoun will be on the bench. Just like the previous 25 years.

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