Calhoun Undergoes Surgery After Broken Hip


The talk of Jim Calhoun's coaching future took another turn -- literally -- over the weekend when the 70-year-old avid cyclist suffered a broken hip after a bike accident. Sources told's Jeff Goodman that "was riding mid-afternoon Saturday near his summer home in Madison, Conn. when he hit a patch of dirt and his feet became entangled in the pedals. He fell to the ground, couldn't get up and called his wife. He was then transported to a local hospital."

The accident came hours before Calhoun was to be at a charity basketball game featuring some former Huskies players.

In a statement released Saturday night, the university indicated that Calhoun had suffered a hip fracture and underwent surgery Saturday night. By Sunday evening, reports called the surgery a success and noted that Calhoun was resting comfortably. According to the school, the coach will remain in the hospital for several days before returning home. It remains unclear when Calhoun would be able to return to work.

Now the uncertainty surrounding whether Calhoun would retire just got more so. The Hartford Courant's Jeff Jacobs remains unconvinced, however. "Not going to happen," he wrote Sunday. "No way. He's so freaking stubborn that he'll win the Tour de France before he quits because of this."

Kemba Walker, one of the best players to come through UConn and the man primarily responsible for the 2011 national title, agreed.

"I can't picture Coach Calhoun retiring, to tell you the truth," Walker said according to Jacobs. "I'm pretty sure he's not thinking about retirement right now. His hip is broke. He's thinking about recovering."

Calhoun's no stranger to health issues. He's battled cancer more than once and had previously suffered broken ribs during a cycling accident. Plus, as Jacobs writes, Calhoun is stubborn. You don't coach for a quarter-century and win three national championships without being both tough and persistent. And while we have no insight into what Calhoun's future holds, we fully expect him to return to the bench. Because, really, what else is he going to do?

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