Daniels: Calhoun Says He'll Coach in 2011-12

It's almost become a running joke at this point. The media asks Jim Calhoun about his plans to coach UConn in the fall, Calhoun plays Mr. Mysterio, makes some vague references to reevaluating this or that, and we do it all over again a few days later.

But Calhoun has dropped hints, both subtle and otherwise, in the weeks and months since the Huskies won the national championship. The day after UConn defeated Butler, he admitted (twice!) that he'd be back, before later changing his mind. Calhoun also said recently that he was leaning "55/45" at returning. And if landing top recruit DeAndre Daniels for the 2011-12 season wasn't evidence enough that Calhoun would hang around, SNY.tv spoke with Daniels, who confirmed what we have all suspected for some time now.

“[Calhoun said] I don’t have to worry about him not being there,” Daniels told SNY.tv by phone Wednesday. “He said he’ll be there.”

So there you go -- mystery solved.

As for Daniels', he says he plans to "spend two years" in Storrs before pursuing a pro career.

“I think I can play a big role, just come and help them guys,” he said. “I know them guys are really good and me just coming in trying to earn a spot and help them go to another national championship, hopefully.”

Wednesday, ESPN.com's basketball blogger Eamonn Brennan raised an interesting point: Daniels hasn't signed with the Huskies because he didn't make a decision on where he'd attend college until after the signing period ended. Which means that, technically, Daniels could still decide to go to, say, Texas, if he so chose. Not to worry, though.

“He’s going to sign those financial aid and those scholarship papers,” IMG coach Andy Borman said. “That will serve as that (National Letter of Intent).”

Yep, the 2011-12 season is suddenly shaping up nicely.

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