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UConn Students, Football Fans React to Randy Edsall Stepping Down

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For UConn Nation, there was a Labor Day shocker after the announcement football head coach Randy Edsall would step down immediately.

Fans seem to see Monday’s announcement as something to celebrate. Many are hopeful this will lead to a better future for the team.

“I was a little surprised coming off of two losses, two kind of disappointing losses,” said Henry Stanton, a UConn sophomore. “But at the same time, it’s kind of a low point so you can’t get any worse from here. Not to rag on the team. But it’s a point where you can build up from the ground up.”

Students have been watching a tough year for the team which has gone 0-2 this season.

“I don’t think it’s our fault. I don’t think it’s the fans’ fault. If I didn’t see a team lose by 48, I’d be pretty hyped for our team,” said Tristan Cane, a UConn freshman.

On the NBC Connecticut Facebook page, most were supportive of the change. On a post about the departure, one person commented, “It’s the right move.”

Another added, “He should refund his salary to the university.”

And finally, “They should have never brought him back the second time…”

Some fans were upset for how Edsall left the team after his first run as coach which ended back in 2010. Now fans can focus on the future without Edsall in charge.

“Could be a good thing. Could get better,” said Sean Byington, a UConn freshman.

“More competitive games. Couple wins here and there, you know. Get the crowd going, get us going,” said Justin Tatsapaugh, a UConn sophomore.

Some students say it can be fun going to football games and tailgating.

But for many, at the end day, it’s basketball that generates the big excitement on campus.

Head University of Connecticut football coach Randy Edsall will step down effective immediately after coming to a "mutual decision" with the director of athletics.
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