Drummond Works Out for Kings

On Tuesday, James Ham, beat blogger for the Sacramento Kings, tweeted: "FYI: my sources say that Drummond is not the pick at 5 for the Sac Kings. Whoever is left of Beal, Robinson, Harrison and MKG is. FWIW." That would be Andre Drummond, of course, the former UConn player who declared for the NBA Draft this spring.

Two days later, however, Drummond worked out for the Kings, an odd development for a club reportedly not interested in his services, at least not with the No. 5 pick. But it's draft season where due diligence and obfuscation go hand in hand. Details of the workout via News10.net:

As assistant coaches Bobby Jackson and Jim Eyen attempted half-hearted shots over Drummond, the 18-year-old freshman sent them flying all over the gym causing many among the Kings brass to smile, including President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie.

After the workout, Drummond sounded happy for the opportunity even though he's considered the second-best big man on the board after Kentucky's Anthony Davis.

"It's a blessing, I work hard to get where I'm at today," Drummond said. "Just being here today at 18-years-old and getting ready to be drafted is just a humbling feeling."

On Friday, MLive.com's Brendan Savage points to an NBA.com post that suggest the Pistons, who have the ninth-overall pick, could be in the running for Drummond's services even though conventional wisdom in recent weeks had the 6-10 center as a top-5 selection.

The concerns are the same ones we heard throughout the 2011-12 season: "His inconsistent focus is a concern and the only reason he falls this far," NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper wrote.

That said, Howard-Cooper remains in the minority on Drummond's draft stock. SI.com has him going No. 6 and ESPN.com says No. 5.

But it's pre-draft analyses like this from Hoopsworld.com that has coaches, scouts, front-office types, media and fans so intrigued with the big man.

"Drummond has all of the physical tools to dominate in the NBA. He's extremely athletic, explosive and quick. Drummond should be an unstoppable force every time he picks up a basketball. On the other hand, Drummond is extremely raw."

But there are no sure thing when it comes to personnel evaluation, which is why this is the conversation every team interested in Drummond will have to have in the coming days (again, via Hoopsworld): "At this point, nobody is sure which is higher: Drummond's ceiling or the risk associated with him."

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