Ekmark Looking to Get Healthy

Courtney Ekmark could be out four more weeks

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Freshman Kia Nurse has made the transition from high school to big-time college basketball with little trouble. In fact, she was named the AAC Freshman of the Week last week after averaging 14.3 points in three games and shooting 60 percent from the field. Some of that success can be attributed to playing with the Canadian National Team and facing the best players in the world.

For other freshmen, the transition can take more time, and for myriad reasons. For Courtney Ekmark, it's an injury. Specifically: a stress fracture in her right foot.

“I hate missing practice, it’s like my biggest thing,” Ekmark told SNY.com's Carl Adamec. ”I hate being out so badly. I wish I could practice so badly. I wish I could play in the games so badly. The worst thing? It’s probably not being able to help my team win. But everything happens for a reason and you try to make the best of it. Hopefully it heals fast and I’ll be back soon.”

When the Huskies face Notre Dame on Saturday, Ekmark will again be sidelined, the fifth time this season. There's no timetable on her return but the freshman hopes it's no more than four weeks. For now, all she can do is rehab and keep her spirits up.

“Right now, I’m doing strengthening exercises to keep my leg strong and I’m doing swim workouts in the pool, bike workouts, and upper body workouts,” Ekmark said. “Hopefully next week I can do the elliptical and then after that start putting more pressure on it and getting back.”

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