Derek Jeter

ESPN Taunts Red Sox Fans With Placement of Derek Jeter Billboard

Since his retirement in 2014, Yankee legend, Derek Jeter, has been referenced in relation to the Red Sox more than a couple of times. Today, his face is plastered outside of Fenway Park.

Derek Jeter
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Derek Jeter's baseball career ended in 2014, but the Boston Red Sox has been unable to escape their famous New York Yankees nemesis.

Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts switched his original jersey number, 72, to No. 2, following the Jacoby Ellsbury trade in 2013. Bogaerts selected the number in honor of his idol, Jeter.

More recently, Red Sox fans chanted "Let's go, Jeter" at Fenway Park. On June 22, Boston called up prospect Jeter Downs, who was named after the Yankee shortstop, for his Major League debut. Downs even received a shoutout on Twitter from Jeter ahead of the game.

At Fenway, the latest reference to the Yankee legend is the most blatant. There is now a giant billboard with Jeter's face on it just outside of Fenway advertising ESPN's new series "The Captain," a seven-episode series about the baseball star.

The placement was purposeful. Yankee fans are celebrating the billboard on Twitter for its effective trolling of the Red Sox, generating social media traffic for the documentary series, which will premiere on July 18, following the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby.

Much to the dismay of Sox fans, New York fans who make the trip to Boston for the Red Sox-Yankees four-game showdown will get to celebrate the billboard in person. The Red Sox series against the Yankees begins at 7:10 p.m. on Thursday, July 7. ​

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