Anonymous Jets Player Not Impressed With New England, Talks Trash … Anonymously

Tonight the Jets and Patriots are playing a rather large football game in what is a wide-open, and, completely up-for-grabs AFC East division. The Patriots took the first game, as they always do, and the Jets players were "sick to their stomachs" about it. Probably because they lost to Matt Cassel making his first NFL start on the road.

From Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post:

One Jets offensive player, who spoke under the condition of anonymity because he didn't want to provide bulletin board fodder for the Patriots, talked about being "sick to our stomachs" about the Jets' 19-10 loss in Week 2 at the Meadowlands. He felt the Patriots were vulnerable - particularly on defense. Not to mention it was the first game with Matt Cassel at quarterback, after Tom Brady was injured in Week 1 vs. the Chiefs. The player spoke matter-of-factly about how "slow" and "old" a number of the New England defenders are and how he believes the Jets should be able to put up "a lot of points" on them tonight.

So, he didn't want his name out there because he didn't want to provide the Patriots with any sort of bulletin board material ... and yet, he goes ahead and provides the Patriots with bulletin board material anyway. What this genius doesn't realize is, even though the Patriots don't know who he is, they know that he plays for the Jets, who the Patriots happen to be playing tonight.

Consider it on the bulletin board.

If there's a positive for the Jets, the previous two times opposing players decidedto write pre-game checks with their mouths -- Miami's Joey Porter and the Giants' Plaxico Burress -- their teams were able to back them up on the field and provide victory's. So, Mr. Anonymous has that going for him.

Still, I'm going to go ahead and say anonymously talking trash is kind of weak. If you're going to provide us with the juicy information, you should at least be willing to provide your name so we can all laugh at you if, you know, your team loses. You think Joey Porter would call out the Patriots anonymously? Heck no. And that's why we love him.

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