Ben Watson Uses Football to Salute His Pregnant Wife, Gets Flagged, Can Expect Fine

I'm a big fan of Patriots tight end Ben Watson, mainly for his Don Beebe-like "no play is over until I say it is" type of mentality. A week ago, on what was essentially a meaningless play in the Patriots' 33-10 loss to Pittsburgh, he ran Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons down from behind on an interception return and tackled him one yard short of the goal line. It was a play that was remarkably similar to his effort in a playoff game a couple of years ago in Denver, when he ran 100 yards to chase downChamp Bailey and blast him at the goal line.

None of these plays have anything to do with my point here, but it's not everyday that I have a reason to write about Ben Watson, so I just figured he deserved some praise. He can play for my team any day of the week.

Anyway, during the Patriots' come-from-behind win in Seattle yesterday, Watson hauled in two-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Matt Cassel, cutting an 11-point first half deficit to just four. To celebrate this occasion, Watson took the football, placed it under his jersey, and proceeded to rub his stomach -- as if he were expecting a child -- as a salute to his pregnant wife, as reported by Shalise Manza Young of the Providence Journal.

Yeah, the NFL is not going to approve of this.

Watson was handed a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct because he used the football as a prop. Oh the horror. If the actions of the league this season are any indicator -- and I'm guessing they are -- he can also expect "the envelope" this coming Friday when the NFL hands down its weekly fines for, well, whatever it deems necessary.

A week ago, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen was handed a $10,000 fine for performing CPR on a football following a sack. Frankly, he should have been fined for that haircut.

I would imagine if the NFL considers the act of saving a football's life worthy of a five-digit fine, it probably feels the same way about giving birth to footballs, as well.

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