Browns 35, Giants 14: The Old Eli Comes Back for a Visit

This was supposed to be the sleeper Monday Night game, two teams on completely different levels facing off on national television when one didn't deserve to be there. We had the defending champions versus the underachievers, a team on a roll versus a team in disarray.

Unfortunately for Giants fans, they played the game anyway, and the lowly Browns came out on top against the undefeated champs Monday night, 35-14, in an absolute thrashing.

Derek Anderson, the lowest-rated passer to start every game this season, was absolutely magnificent, throwing for 310 yards and three touchdowns, and more importantly rekindling that flame he had with Braylon Edwards last season.

Edwards had just 95 total yards in his first four games, struggling with dropped passes and even getting in the face of Anderson two weeks ago. Monday was a different story as Edwards went off, snagging five catches for 154 yards and a touchdown, and adding a two-point conversation to put the Browns up 21 in the fourth quarter.

The game was the Browns' from the opening kick, when Anderson and company drove down the field and settled for a field goal. Sure, it wasn't a touchdown, but it was a positive possession and set the theme for the night -- control the clock, add points when they had the ball, and pressure Eli Manning like he's the inexperienced one.

Manning went on to toss three interceptions including a last one to Eric Wright, who returned it 94 yards for the touchdown and the exclamation mark.

This game cemented the theme of 2008 in the NFL. There are some good teams, and the Giants are still one of them, but there isn't a single group of guys that can't be beat on any given Sunday. Just a week ago the NFC East was the dominant division, sporting three elite teams and one that had struggled of late but was still more talented than most.

One weekend can change all that. The Redskins lost to the previously winless Rams, the Cowboys got beat by the Cardinals, and now the Giants lose to the Browns. As we head into the seventh week of football, one thing is for sure. Nobody in the world knows who the best team is, and that isn't a bad thing.

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