Chiefs Would Like a Third-Rounder for Tony Gonzalez's Services

Like the rest of us (even PLAY TO WIN THE GAME, I'm guessing), tight end Tony Gonzalez has come to the realization that the Chiefs are absurdly awful. And consequently, the 32-year-old future hall of famer would like to end his career with a team likely to win more than a handful games a season.

Hardly original but certainly understandable; Kansas City is 1-4, won four games last year, and have made just three playoff appearances in Gonzalez's 12-year career. Yesterday, Brinson mentioned that Gonzalez could be on his way to the Giants, and the Kansas City Star's Adam Teicher writes what it'll take to get him there.

The Chiefs appeared pessimistic they could reach a deal for Gonzalez by then. The New York Giants have been the most interested in making a trade, but the sides were far apart on the compensation.

The Chiefs were asking for a third-round pick, and the Giants offered a sixth-rounder. Green Bay and Buffalo are other teams that may be interested in Gonzalez

Wow, a sixth-rounder? I mean, Al Davis, in his infinite wisdom, got a fourth-round pick for Randy Moss, and look how things worked out for Oakland. I suspect this was New York's opening offer, and would be willing to negotiate upwards. Assuming, of course, the Packers or Bills don't get in the mix.

Despite the seemingly low-ball offer, though, it's worth remembering that very few tight ends have been productive after the age of 32. And while a second-rounder might make sense for, say, the Jets and Brett Favre, there's no guarantee Gonzalez will be anything more than a once-great player on the downside of a spectacular career.

Whatever, he still wants out: "I'm winding down in my career and I'm thinking this is not what I signed on for last year when I redid my deal," Gonzalez said in August, before the season started. "It is what it is. There's nothing we can do about it..."

To be fair, it's hardly surprising that the Chiefs aren't very good. I mean, it's not like they were picked to win the division and have just imploded through the first five weeks of the season; everybody saw this coming. This includes Gonzalez, of course, although I doubt that makes him feel any better about his current predicament.

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