Cinci Never Made it to Connecticut

Not sure who those guys wearing the Bearcat unis were, but surely they weren't really a Big East team that UConn was facing. The real Bearcats must have still been stuck at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The worst team UConn faced this season -- Maine, RPI: 329 -- "only" lost by 45 points. Cinci matched that by falling 96-51.

This game was a laugher after the first few minutes. UConn had a 6-5 lead and then went on a 30-0 run over nearly 11 minutes. By halftime it was 47-15. Cinci shot below 27% and UConn was over 55% in this blowout.

Two weeks ago, the Bearcats were 8-5 and their coach was suggesting that Cinci was NCAA Tournament worthy. Well, a 5-game losing streak later and Cinci won't even be getting an NIT bid.

The only good thing for Cinci is that the season doesn't actually end with this thud. They still have at least one more game on Wednesday in the Big East Tournament.

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