Cliff Floyd Uses a Silly ‘No One Cares About Beckett' Line to Express Tampa's Confidence

Don't you go worrying about those crazy Tampa Bay Rays, America. Sure, they had one of the biggest meltdowns in the history of baseball (or gave up a "comeback" if you prefer that parlance) Thursday night, but don't worry, they're still chock full of cockiness.

And sure, Josh Beckett might be on the mound for the Boston Red Sox in the next game, but again, no one's sweating his postseason pitching ability. Well, at least not Cliff Floyd.

"We don't go up there and think, Now we've got to beat Beckett - no one cares about Beckett," the Rays' Cliff Floyd said. "Face him the same way you face everybody else. If anything, Beckett should be worried about us. We just beat him."

Now, yes, the Rays did just beat Beckett. And yes, Josh has had less than a stellar year in comparison to previous seasons. And yes, it is important to make sure and keep up the angry/tough face as controversy stares back at your team.

But this, well, this is highly unnecessary, Cliff. Not only are you lobbing some ridiculously easy bulletin board material at the team that just came back from seven runs down in an elimination game against you, but you're actually flaming the fire inside one of the better (I'm not sure if I can safely lob out "great" here) postseason pitchers of the most recent generation.

Beckett has killed from the mound in the postseason before, and if you cheese him off enough, he will kill again.

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