Dominican News Site Confirms Manny Ramirez to the Yankees: Your Move, Cashman

Remember how Dominican news outlet Impacto Deportivo recently shocked the world with the news that Manny Ramirez was *gasp* signing with the Yankees? Yeah, it was crazy.

Crazy enough, actually, for Brian Cashman to shoot it down. Or, if you believe ID, just crazy enough to work. Because they have now confirmed the rumor that allegedly isn't real. Translation props to FanIQ.

Although Yankees GM Brian Cashman has rejected the first report saying he will sign Manny Ramirez for three years and $75 million, our source of confirmed Monday evening that it's still in the works.

According to our source, the Yankees feel that they need Ramírez.

[...]Manny is in Brazil in this moment and upon his return, will immediately go to the press conference announcing the signing.

It will happen as reported.

Well then. Now, I'm not sure if that's exactly how the feeling behind the Spanish wording is supposed to play out in English, but I've got to say, the next time I'm confirming some sort of crazy rumor, "It will happen as reported" is my Costanza walk off line.

As for the rumor itself, well, I wouldn't be totally shocked. Cashman's job is on the line and he's dealing with a more fiery, younger psychopath in Hank Steinbrenner, who probably cares a whole hell of a lot more about christening his new stadium with a championship than with building some sort of "farm system". (Like that's ever worked anyway.)

As such, the Bombers are throwing money after free agents like Pacman at a strip club (I think that was requisite, no?) and I can certainly see some viable situation where they can't stop spending. Plus, Manny in pinstripes? That's the ultimate jab to Red Sox Nation.

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