New York Media Still Wants You to Hate ARod

Alex Rodriguez is really becoming a pariah, of sorts, for the New York media. Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet, and he's already being dragged through the mud about his holiday plans. You see, he's allegedly going to spend the break with Madonna instead of his children.

Instead of ushering in the holidays in Miami with his children, Natasha, 4, and Ella, 1 - A-Rod, 33, is hosting a dinner at his Manhattan apartment for Madonna, 50, and her kids, Lourdes, Rocco, and David, and manager Guy Oseary.

If that was really true, I'd have to agree it's a pretty selfish and brutal thing to do to your kids. I mean, Thanksgiving is a holiday where families generally spend time together -- unlike the night before.

Reports are surfacing, however, that contradict the above report from the New York Post. According to Us Magazine, the Post is completely wrong:

"He's going to be with Cynthia and her entire family for Thanksgiving, and this has been planned for months," the insider adds. "It's quite a big celebration."

"They have a large family get together every year," the source tells Us. "It was always his intention to go to the family get together with her family, and it includes a whole array of relatives."

So I guess it just boils down to whom you trust more. The Post or Us? Oh wait, I left out the smoking gun, courtesy of Us:

Plus, "he's not even in New York," where Madonna lives, the insider adds.

Ooooooh, gotcha Post! That's a great point. I mean, it's freaking Tuesday. Thanksgiving is in two days. There's no way ARod could get to New York City before Thursday.

When the dust settles, I'm left, once again, bothered by the New York media's insistence on portraying this guy in a negative manner. Is it because they are jealous of his money, or unreasonably blame him for the Yankees not winning a title since he joined the team? People can claim it's because of his infidelity, but that's a cop-out, because they were after him long before those charges surfaced.

I also found it quite curious that the only source in the Post story was a friend of Cynthia Rodriguez who described an email sent by the third baseman's soon-to-be-ex-wife. Because, you know, angry divorcees always have such polite and positive things to say over email to their friends regarding mistresses and ex-husbands.

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