NFL Decides Not to Fine Justin Tuck Since He Didn't, You Know, Do Anything Wrong

Last week, after the league announced that it would only fine cheap-shot artist Vince Wilfork for his latest transgression, I joked that the NFL Plinko Board came up "Fine but no Suspension," because it was the only way to rationalize such a seemingly arbitrary punishment for a chronic offender.

And today we learn that more players have been fined for various absurdities and, shockingly, the latest batch are among the most ludicrous of the season. The going rate for intimidating sacks (I crap you not, that's how it was described to the perp)? Five grand if you're Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley. And perfect form tackles on third-string quarterbacks will run you $7,500 if you're Justin Tuck.

Or maybe not; the NFL has rescinded Tuck's fine, presumably because he did nothing wrong. Novel idea, that.

Via the Newark Star-Ledger's Paul Needell:

According to a high-ranking league official, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had not even seen the play until today. He immediately informed [NFL head of discipline Ray] Anderson the fine was too harsh. Giants coach Tom Coughlin has defended Tuck throughout the week so both he and his best defensive player should feel quite vindicated.

To recap: Goodell, who has no officiating experience, doesn't spends hours each week pouring over game film, and isn't in the room when the NFL Gestapo levies on-field punishments, has to be the one to point out that, hey, you know what, you'd have to be a low-functioning moron to think Tuck deserved to be flagged for tackling that sack of potatoes Brooks Bollinger, much less fined $7,500.

That certainly gives me a lot of confidence in the system, and it's reassuring to know that Ray Anderson is so good at his job. Yeah, Matt Light has no idea what he's talking about.

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