Plaxico Burress: ‘Everybody Doesn't Have to Like Me'

Plaxico Burress basically has one true road he can take with all this suspension hullabaloo -- either accept the punishment, apologize to teammates and fans, and get ready to play once he's reinstated, or he can just tell people that he's just a football player and they don't have to like him. Yep, I'm going with B.

Burress said in a conference call with the media that he has some teammates he is close to, and they contacted him about the suspension, but other than that, nobody should really care.

"I know the people that care about me a lot. My job is to go to work and catch footballs Everybody doesn't have to like me. I don't have to be friends with everybody. Everybody has a role to play, everybody has a job to do. My job is to get on the field and catch footballs."

Well, actually, your job is to go on the field and catch footballs as well as not ditch out on a workout day without a phone call. That is what is called "being on a team" and unless Plax is thinking about getting some tennis lessons fairly soon, these rules will stick around.
No matter if you stuff shelves at Wal-Mart, teach high school English in San Francisco, or (shudders at the thought) are forced to write snide, unfunny comments for a blog, when you are told to do something you either do it or let someone know you can't so they can plan accordingly. If I'm going in for quintuple bypass surgery at 24, I sure hope the doc is around and if not, I hope one of his doctor friends has an extra couple of hours.

There really isn't anything to worry about, though, because Plaxico said if something comes up again, he will almost certainly call in and let someone know.

"There's no telling what may happen. There may be a time where I'll have to be spontaneous again. Will I make the same decision? Yes. Will I handle the situation a little better? Yes, I'll put in a phone call. I can't say what's going to happen. I can't predict the future."

So Mr. Burress, why did you tell me that time in New York that you were psychic? I knew you couldn't be trusted.

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