Randy Moss Plays the Disrespect Card Because Miami Single-Covered Him

Since Rodney Harrison is no longer around to play the disrespect card through the media for New England, Randy Moss seems like he's more than willing to pick up the slack. Following the Patriots' 48-28 thumping of Miami today, in which Moss hauled in eight passes for 125 yards and


three touchdowns, the brash -- and judging by his post-game appearance, very stylish -- receiver informed the media as to why he put up such lofty numbers.

Was it because he and Matt Cassel are developing some chemistry? Great schemes by the Patriots coaching staff? Hard work and determination? Practice, practice, practice? Uh. Not exactly. It's because Miami disrespected him by using single coverage against him. Video from NECN.com.

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Whatever motivates you, Randy.

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