Schilling Wants All Positive Tests Public

In the wake of Alex Rodriguez being outed for testing positive for using performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, Curt Schilling would like to hear all the names. Back in 2003, Major League Baseball conducted sample testing to see if enough players were using to warrant mandatory testing. During those samples, 104 players tested positive.

One major factor, at the time, was that the positive-testing players were to be left anonymous forever. Obviously, now that Rodriguez's results have been made public, that promise has been broken -- regardless of who is at fault. Schilling apparently wants the floodgates to open.

I'd be all for the 104 positives being named, and the game moving on if that is at all possible. In my opinion, if you don't do that, then the other 600-700 players are going to be guilty by association, forever.

That's a very good point. Something I've been reading these past few days on various sites that really bothers me is this notion that everyone in baseball was using. There's a big difference between not being surprised, when someone tests positive, and claiming that every player in baseball was using. It's a lazy stance to just flat-out blanket judge an entire sport. In this sense, Schilling is right that releasing the remaining names would free many of the clean current players from the accusations. Assuming Albert Pujols didn't use anything -- and call me naive, but I think he's clean -- don't you think it would benefit his reputation to release these names? Surely, at this point, people are going to question any studly power hitter.

As for Schilling, I'm certainly not expecting him to appear on any list. Not when he's publicly pushing for the names of positive tested players be released and saying things like this:

And before anyone asks, I'll make it clear: My name will not appear on any lists of positive tests. I've never tested positive for steroids or HGH, and I've never taken steroids or HGH in my life, ever. You don't need to call the union, or an agent to verify that.

You may not always agree with or like Schilling, but he's no dummy. He wouldn't say all this if there was any shred of fear that his name would surface.

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