Snowbound in Cinci Stops Season Finale

The Cincinnati Bearcats were supposed to play their final game of the season against UConn today at 4pm. The big winter storm that blew into all of Ohio yesterday and is still going on changed everything. The Bearcats were supposed to leave yesterday evening, but had their flights canceled. The winter storm has continued to pile up the snow and the Bearcats were unable to leave this morning, or even this afternoon.

That has forced a postponement until Sunday at 6pm. The game has little impact regarding the NCAA Tournament -- beyond seeding for UConn. With regards to the Big East Tournament, it has a lot of meaning for Cinci in the seeding. Right now, they are a 10 seed. They could fall to 11 or even rise to maybe an 8 seed.

Okay, still not much. Most important for Cinci, though, would be making the case that they should get into the NIT. Something that doesn't look likely without at least a .500 record in the Big East.

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