Tony Could Be Gonzo to New York if the Rumors Are True

The Giants may have had a little misplaced faith in Kevin Boss this season. It's easy to do, sure, after you win a Super Bowl while Jeremy Shockey hangs out pantsless* in a luxury suite, just watching, and your team dominates one of the greatest offensive juggernauts of this era.

Of course, Tony Gonzalez may have had a little misplaced faith in the abilities of the Chiefs to actually be decent this year. So, really the match of Eli + Gonzo might be made in heaven. Or just in Jay Glazer's brain. Either way, it's picking up steam.

The Giants are the perfect fit as they'd provide Eli Manning with one of the most reliable targets in the league. Between Gonzalez and Plaxico Burress, their red-zone threat would be downright scary. The Giants should take the second- and fifth-round picks they got for Jeremy Shockey's trade and offer them to the Chiefs for Gonzalez. Shockey for Gonzo? Who doesn't do that?

The reason it's picking up steam is that reportedly, via the moving thing on the bottom of my television, Gonzalez asked for a trade. And if Carl Peterson has a heart (he seems like the Phil Collins listening type), then he would go through with getting Gonzalez to a contender.

And as Glazer points out, this is the type of trade that makes way too much sense from both teams perspective not to pull on. It's asking a lot for Peterson to be sensible, sure, but any sort of logical thought goes into this process, something similar will go down over the next week and a half.

*May not have actually happened.

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