Freshman QB Tim Boyle Ready If Called Upon

At some point over the summer, coach Paul Pasqualoni probably figured that he would be able to redshirt freshman quarterback Tim Boyle. It wouldn't be a big deal because it happens all the time. And then Boyle showed up for training camp and played well beyond his years. So much so, that he was listed as co-No. 2 quarterback along with Casey Cochran earlier this season, behind incumbent Chandler Whitmer.

And while Whitmer doesn't look to lose his job anytime soon, Boyle could be one of those players you stumble upon that help you turn around a program. For now, though, he says he's ready in the event his number is called.

“People ask me would I be pressured. Obviously, if I think the first couple of plays, if I were to play this year, I’d be a little nervous just like every other freshman would,” Boyle said, via the Hartford Courant's Desmond Conner. “Once the first couple plays get out of the system I think I’ll settle down and I’ll get in a groove. I’ve prepared and coach [quarterbacks coach Shane] Day and this coaching staff has asked me to prepare like I’m a starter so I’ve watched film with Chandler.

"I’ve done everything Chandler has done so in case I do go in a game this year I’ll be prepared. I don’t want to be the inexperienced freshman all rattled out there and trying to figure stuff out on the go. I want to know what I’m doing, every play and do it to the best of my ability."

Boyle attributes to a lot of his progress to preparation.

"Once we hit training camp, I really put my nose to the grindstone and I really tried to pick this stuff up so I could put myself in a good position with the team if I wanted to go in the game or get myself up on the depth chart because I knew Casey was going to be No.2.

“As a freshman I’m not expecting too much coming in but obviously I wanted to show my teammates I could play and earn their respect so I just picked up the offense as fast I could. I spent some extra time with Coach Day and he taught me some stuff. Chandler has been great with me. He’s taught me a whole heck of a lot – and I just wanted to put myself in a good situation for the team. I picked up the offense pretty quick and I’m still on the way.”

We've said it before, but too much depth is a good problem for a coach to have, one Pasqualoni has seldom had to worry about this season.

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