Fun, Fans and Fastballs

Former Red Sox catcher brings former major leaguers together for some baseball talk

Ever sit back and wish that there was someplace you could go and just talk baseball with former professional ballplayers in a private setting?

Someplace where you can get all your questions answered and all your memorabilia signed while enjoying some food and drinks?

Well, former Red Sox catcher, and Norwich native, Roger LaFrancois has done just that.

He is the owner and operator of CT Dugout Club.  It is a group of baseball fanatics who get together on the last Monday of each month, from January through April. 

Now some of you are probably wondering, "Just who is Roger LaFrancois?"  Well, it's a valid question.  As a player, he never was much more then a blip on the baseball radar, but what he is doing with his CT Dugout Club has a far greater impact then any one of his eight games or 10 at-bats ever did.

His club allows the average fan to get up close and personal with some childhood heroes. The great thing is, anyone can join.  All you have to do is click on his Web site, and go to "Become a Member" page.  

He has a nice mix of former Red Sox and Yankee players, as well as some local Connecticut residents who play baseball professionally. 

The next meeting of the CT Dugout Club is Feb. 23, at the Groton Inn and Suites.  Ex-Red Sox pitcher Bill "The Spaceman" Lee and ex-Red Sox Hitting coach Walt Hriniak will be the featured guests.

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