Geremy Davis Happy for Chance to Prove Himself

As the draft wound down, Geremy Davis admits that he was getting nervous. By it's very nature, the NFL Draft is a crap shoot, first-round talents slip, little known names get drafted earlier than expected, and sometimes sure-fire players end up not hearing their names called at all.

“I was so excited. Thank God I got to see my phone ring,” Davis said, via's John Silver. “I was getting so antsy. I was getting sick of looking at my phone.”

One of the biggest issues facing Davis as the draft approached was whether he was fast enough to play in the NFL. His size and ability to catch the ball were well known, but if he couldn't get open he'd be of little use at the next level. It's why some pre-draft conversations had him moving to tight end.

But then Davis ran a 4.47 at his pro day.

“The [tight end] talk was because they weren’t sure how fast I was,” he said. “As of right now, I haven’t heard talk of tight end. I think it was in terms of how fast I was going to run.”

And now that he's plenty fast Davis hopes that's the last he hears of the tight end talk. Still, he knows there's plenty of work to be done, especially when it comes to setting up and beating NFL defensive backs.

“I know from a speed standpoint, it helps. I will keep on improving from that standpoint and enhancing all my techniques,” Davis said. “I can catch the ball in traffic. Speed helps if you mess up technique. ...

“From a receiver setup, I am a big receiver and physical and I can hep out in the blocking game. “I’m capable of using my body to shield the defender and to make catches.”

The Giants will get their first glimpse of that when minicamp starts.

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