Glastonbury Boys Lacrosse Dedicates Season to Avery Hersom

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Colin and Max Hersom have loved lacrosse from a young age.

"I grew up watching my brother," said freshman Max Hersom. "Being at his games when I was in elementary school."

"He's always pumping me up during game and I'm doing the same for him," senior Colin Hersom said.

For one season, Colin and Max get to be teammates at the varsity level.

"It's definitely a proud parent moment when they're on the field together," said Colin and Max's father, Andrew Hersom.

However, this season isn't about the brothers, but rather someone else in their family. 

"We've got an 'A' for Avery on the back of our helmets," Colin said.

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Their sister Avery Hersom passed away in March at the age of 12 after bravely battling a genetic disease called Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome (AGS).

"[It's] extremely rare," said Avery's mother Leslie Hersom. "Probably only about 500 cases worldwide."

AGS stole almost all of Avery's physical abilities, but she never lost her joyous spirit. 

"She was everything. I loved her," Max said. "She was a big part of my world. It sucks, you know, it's tough."

"Hearing her laugh was just amazing," Colin said. "Walking into her room and seeing her smile when I walked in there."

"They were also just normal big brothers, too, which I think was so important to just be silly and make her laugh," Leslie said.

With Avery passing right before the start of the lacrosse season, the team decided right away that it would dedicate this season to her memory.

"We just want to really let them know that we're for them," said Glastonbury senior Zach Caporale. "They're real brothers but I feel like we're just a whole group of brothers together."

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Avery Hersom, 12.

"Every day out here is a learning lesson, whether it's about lacrosse or about life," said Glastonbury head coach Scott Hinchey.

"It's been very meaningful to have them rally around them and be supportive," said Leslie.

"They've really helped me get past this," said Colin.

The Hersom brothers are playing for something much more important than a trophy this year. They're playing to honor their sister and Avery's legacy will live on long after this season ends.

"We've always been amazed at the impact she had on people," said Andrew. "Her smile and laugh would light up the room. Always laugh, always smile - that's what we've been saying since she passed away and have that joy that she had in her short life."

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Brothers Colin and Max with their sister Avery.

"She never got the chance to play sports so every day I go out there and play like I'm playing for her," Colin said.

"This season is for her but the rest of my life is for her," Max said. "Everything that I do is just for her."

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