Haynesworth Is Finally Happy

It took nearly a month, but one of the Patriots' newest names -- and potentially most dominant players -- finally took the field in the fourth game of the preseason against the Giants. Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was in uniform (which doesn't always means he's willing to contribute -- just ask the Redskins) and he showed flashes of what makes him so special.

Maybe it has to do with the new found perspective that comes from playing in an established system under one of the NFL's best coaches. Apparently, money really doesn't guarantee happiness, even when it's $100 million (that's what the Redskins gave Haynesworth before that house of cards inevitably collapsed a few months later).

For one night, Haynesworth sounded absolutely elated with his football-playing fate.

“Everyone’s here for you. I really enjoy that,” said Haynesworth, who had two tackles and numerous pressures playing in parts of the first half of last night’s 18-17 loss, according to the Boston Herald. “I know my head coach is for me. I know my owner’s for me. My players are for me. I feel relaxed. I’m having fun again. I’m having fun playing football again.”

Those are some not-so-subtle shots aimed directly at Mike Shanahan and the Redskins.

“If, God forbid, I got cut from this team, I know I could go out there and play for another team,” Haynesworth said. “But, I feel like this is going to be the last place I’m going to play. If it doesn’t work out here, I’m not going to play anywhere else.”

It does make you wonder why the Skins couldn't manage Haynesworth until you remember that they're as dysfunctional as Haynesworth is often portrayed to be. Then again, it's early. We haven't yet reached the regular season. By the time the bye week rolls around Haynesworth may have resumed his familiar game-day role on the bench wearing street clothes.

Then again, head coach Bill Belichick doesn't suffer fools well. He'd never let it get to that point. Haynesworth would be looking for work elsewhere before Belichick lets him draw attention to himself and disrupt a team dynamic that has as much to do with winning as the weekly game plans.

For now, though, Haynesworth is happy. And when he's happy, he's one of the best defensive tackles in the league. That's bad news for the rest of the league, and it can't make the Redskins all that happy, either.

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