High School Fishing Competition Gives Students Chance to Pursue Their Passion

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The high school sports season is winding down but the competition isn't stopping just yet. Fishing competitions continue into the summer, giving students the chance to represent their school.

"It's always nice to get out on the water," said Lyman Hall sophomore Quinn Eyrich.

Students gathered at Haddam Meadows State Park to compete last month.

"The adrenaline was going the whole day," said Xavier freshman Colby Ciampi.

Two fisherman per school head out with a boat captain and try to reel in as many large and small mouth bass as they can. For schools like Lyman Hall, this is the first year they have a team.

"I came in from a different town and I've been wanting to do that for a while now so me and my dad started the club," said Lyman Hall freshman Davis Commune.

"It's really rare to see a school like this have it," added Eyrich. "With our school, now it has agriculture and I think this really goes well with it."

"The effort was on the part of the boys," said Lyman Hall boat captain Mark Commune. "They got a ton of kids involved at school. They really wanted to make sure that everybody knew about it and everybody could be a part."

The Lyman Hall fishing club currently has 11 members and Commune and Eyrich represent the team in competitions. The high school fisherman enjoy getting the chance to compete.

"Being competitive and having fun on the water," said Davis Commune.

"You want to win, you want to catch more fish than everyone else," said Xavier freshman Peyton Mongrain.

"It's not what you would consider a mainstream sport if you think about high school athletics so it just gives them a level of competition in a sport that they love," said Connecticut Bass Nation Youth Director, John Piscioniere.

Lyman Hall hopes its fishing club continues to grow and they hope to continue to show off their skills in competition.

"We're going to win a few tournaments after this don't worry," said Eyrich. "We're just going to keep it going and get more funding for it."

The next competition is scheduled for June 26 on Lake Zoar.

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