Huskies Merchandise is Hot Ticket

UConn merchandise_fixed
NBC Connecticut

You don't have to go to UConn to wear UConn t-shirts, and this afternoon "NCAA Division 1 Women's Basketball UConn Philadelphia Regional Champions" shirts went on sale at Bob's in Newington.

They were outnumbered by shirts that said "2011 NCAA Men's Final Four UConn Huskies," "Connecticut Huskies 2011 NCAA Final Four Houston", "2011 NCAA Division 1 Basketball Final Four", and "2011 NCAA Men's Basketball UConn Huskies West Regional Champions".

Looking for just such UConn gear was Bob Loughrey, a Connecticut native who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, as he hit the highway for home.

"North Carolina does not have a team in the Final Four," Loughrey was glad to say. "I'm in Tar Heel Country so it's kinda nice to turn the tables on 'em."

Another customer, Shelby Pinckney, found a shirt that said "I Dream in Navy and White" for her daughter, but it wasn't the message alone that made the sale.

"It's pink and it's for a young girl that loves basketball so I figured she likes the Huskies and she likes pink," she said.

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