Jim Calhoun's Big Assist

The UConn men handed out their biggest assist of the season Tuesday night.  The Huskies may be ranked second in the nation, but they are number one to a lot of families in the Hartford area now.

Coach Calhoun and his players distributed turkeys and food to  needy families as part of the Jim Calhoun Holiday Food Drive.  The hall of famer started the charity after the Huskies won the first of two national championships.  Since 1999, the Jim Calhoun Holiday Food Drive has raised more than $980,000 for families in need in Connecticut or the equivalent of 1.9 million meals.

Calhoun said that this year there is more of a need for food drives than anytime in the Hartford area in the last 30 years.  He said some folks started waiting in line at 2:30 pm until the doors opened around 5:30 pm.

Calhoun added that he feels "blessed" to be able to help others in such an important way during the holidays.



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