Kevin's Take: Lobo Starts a Trend

At the same time, the Mets end one

In some ways, it is incredible that Rebecca Lobo is the first former Husky to be named to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.  But it's not an injustice.  It is simply a reminder of how young the UConn program's history of success really is. It's fitting that the classy, smart and talented Rebecca Lobo is the first Husky to make this Hall of Fame, but in the coming years the list will get longer, much longer.  We just need some of them to retire from the WNBA.    
Did you do a double take when you saw the five Huskies in Saturday's WNBA All-Star game?  Yes, besides the obvious---Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Asjha Jones and Swin Cash--Charde Houston made it.  She was an enigma for much of her UConn career.  But we always knew she had talent and she's proving it this season in Minnesota. Charde is averaging 14.5 points and 6.2 rebounds a game.    

But Houston we have a problem.  The Mets scored 18 runs Saturday and Sunday against the Astros.  It usually takes the not so amazin's a week and a half to score that many times.

I splurged Friday night and got tickets to see the Red Sox and Orioles.  I guess I will miss this month's mortgage payment.  There is still no place in baseball that can match Fenway Park. It oozes with history and tradition.  I could just do without the trendiness.  Fenway was once reserved for hard core baseball fans and families.  Now, it is more yuppies and people hopping on the Red Sox bandwagon.  Larry Lucchino is a marketing genius.  I just wish the end result was a little less nouveau Red Sox fan.

So much for any clamoring about the Yankees clubhouse lacking chemistry?  It is amazing how being in first place can make everyone get along.  Keep in mind, the 1977 and 1978 Yanks didn't like each other either: remember, 25 cabs for 25 guys.  Well, those teams won back to back World Series.

Speaking of trying to win back to back titles, I don't understand why the Phillies and other teams won't pull the trigger on a deal for Roy Halladay. He could be the best pitcher in baseball and a huge difference maker in the playoffs.  Who cares about prospects?  The whole point of a farm system is to create depth for these types of trades and scenario's.    And by the way, it's interesting that we're talking about the Phillies trying to win back to back World Series.  The Toronto Blue Jays won back to back titles in 1992 and 1993.  What do the Phils and Jays have in common?  They were both built by Pat Gillick (now retired) --the most underrated general manager of all-time.  

Random thought of the day: I miss Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell.  I thought of the old Tigers double play combination on Hall of Fame induction weekend.  If Phil Rizzuto and Bill Mazeroski are enshrined in Cooperstown, Sweet Lou and Alan Trammel belong as well.   Jim Rice always belonged.  What took you so long? 

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