‘Lowering the Rim' Conversation Continues

Recently, UConn coach Geno Auriemma put forth a novel idea: the NCAA should lower the rims in the women's game. Turns out, Auriemma's not the first to suggest it (just the loudest, for which there is something to be said).

The Hartford Courant's John Altavilla asked around to get other perspectives on the whole rim-lowering theory and, well, a lot of people agree with Auriemma.

WNBA coach Cheryl Reeve: “Considering all options to grow our game is a must. Lowering the rim can be considered. But widening the minds of the many would go a long way, too.”

Yale coach Chris Gobrecht: “I believe one of the mistakes we have made is the idea that we supposed to be more like the men. It’s a huge mistake which I believe is crippling the WNBA, to some extent. … I don’t understand why we feel the need for women to dunk."

DePaul coach Doug Bruno: “I became an advocate of the lower rim the mid-1970s,” Bruno said. “And I have actually tested the concept on a full court, with the professional and collegiate woman I coached in the 1980s."

Connecticut Suns coach Mike Thibault: "(Lowering the rims) was a big issue at the FIBA championship a few years ago,” Thibault said. “But then it just sort of died. … But what I said to Geno was that I don’t know how practical it would be to do [logistically].”

And, of course, there's the NCAA's response: "The NCAA continues to work with its members and others to grow the game of women’s basketball, but the issue Coach Auriemma has raised is not before our membership for consideration."

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