Maya Moore is Mo’ne Davis’ favorite player


Mo'ne Davis made it known during last month's run to the Little League World Series that she wanted to play for UConn and Geno Auriemma before a professional career in the WNBA. Over the weekend Davis, who captured the country's attention as one of the standouts on Philadelphia's Taney Dragons, was invited to the WNBA playoff game between Phoenix and Minnesota.

Prior to the game, WNBA President Laurel Richie escorted Davis onto the court and at one point the 13-year-old found herself chatting up Mercury general manager Ann Meyers Drysdale, who starred at UCLA in the late 1970s and even earned a tryout with the Indiana Pacers.

"Mo'ne doesn't have a clue who I am," Meyers Drysdale told "I told her maybe she could just Google it. I'm excited about the things that are happening to her and other young girls who are doing what they love to do because they have the opportunities, thanks to Title IX and so many women who've helped all of us."

Yep, that's Davis sporting a UConn sweatshirt in the photo above. And Lynx standout, and former Husky, Maya Moore is Davis' favorite player. Asked during the game why she liked Moore, Davis said, "I like the way she carries herself and her style of play."

If you're going to look up to someone, Moore's a great choice; on Sunday, she dropped 32 points on the Mercury in the Lynx's 82-77 win.

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