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MLB Players Troll League After Removing Photos Due to Lockout

MLB fans won't find photos of their favorite players on during the lockout. Here’s why players are trolling the major league for removing headshots.

MLB players troll league after removing photos due to lockout originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

As of Thursday morning, Major League Baseball has officially entered into a lockout. 

As a result, MLB has removed all images of active players from their official website following the lockout announcement, and the players are not happy about it.

The league is not allowed to use any player's name, image, or likeness in any capacity on all online sites. That means that if you take a look at a MLB team's official website, or, it looks different.

The players decided to stand in trolling solidarity and change their current Twitter avatars to the same faceless photos that are currently being used on the website.

Cubs' Ian Happ also participated in using the blank avatar.

Pirate's Trevor Williams tweeted how amazing it was to see players stand in solidarity.

Not only were images removed but current stories were replaced with content about Hall of Famers, retired players and moments in franchise history.

But it doesn’t stop there. Teams are being forced to remove signage from ballparks that feature players.

In a press conference that was held on Thursday, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said these changes are a result of a legal issue about labor law. 

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