Mo' Football, Mo' Problems Possible

CT High School football coaches propose expanding playoffs.

Coaches on the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference football committee have floated an idea that would double the size of the state high school football playoffs, the Hartford Courant is reporting.

As of last year, 24 teams made the state tourney. Under the proposed plan, 48 teams would qualify and a quarterfinal round would also be added, the newspaper reports.

The way that the football playoff systems stands now, 17 percent of players have a chance to play in the post season, compared to other sports where 50 to 70 percent of athletes have the opportunity to compete for a state title, according to the Courant. 

While this proposal would fall short of those numbers, it would double the number of participating players to 34 percent.

Right now, there are six classes of schools, based on size. Each of those classes has four qualifying teams. The semifinals and finals are played in the week following Thanksgiving. 

Under this new proposal, teams would play a quarterfinal game the week before Thanksgiving. The next two rounds would come during the same week as they currently do, the Courant reports.

The problem that the committee faces is the possibility that teams reaching the state finals would be playing their fourth game in 17 days and proponents are worried about the physical toll that could have on the players. 

If this proposal is approved by the football committee, it would be sent to the CIAC board of control for more consideration.

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