Mo’ne Davis: Auriemma Call Not About Recruiting

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Mo'ne Davis says what we all already knew: Geno Auriemma did nothing wrong when he called the Little League World Series star to congratulate her on a great season.

“I heard about [the NCAA violation] this morning, and it’s sad,” Davis told the Associated Press on Friday. “There wasn’t anything about recruiting in the call, he was just congratulating me.”

The NCAA knows this too, which is undoubtedly why they deemed it a "secondary rules violation," which amounts to nothing more than some tsk-tsking on official NCAA letterhead.

Auriemma, who checked with the UConn compliance department before placing the call, lasted a grand total of two minutes.

“I told her, ‘Make sure they treat you like a baseball player," he said of his conversation with Davis. "They didn’t pick you because you’re a girl. They picked you because you’re a really good baseball player.' Then I said, ‘It would be really nice if you got a couple of hits.’ “

Davis has stated previously that she'd love to play basketball at UConn, but Auriemma doesn't even know about prospective players until they're in high school. Davis is 13.

"Under normal circumstances, I would probably not know anything about her until she was in ninth grade," he said. "I have no idea if the kid is very good, kind of good, not good at all or a superstar or can even reach the basket. How is that a violation?"

Of course, it shouldn't be.

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