NCAA Could Rule in 7-10 Days

The UConn men's team was bounced from the 2012 NCAA Tournament after one game. As it stands, due to poor academic performance, the Huskies have already been declared ineligible for the 2013 NCAAs. The committee that decides such fates will convene in April, but as recently as last week, reports were that nothing would be settled concerning UConn's standing. Instead, that would likely come over the summer.

But on Sunday evening, ESPN's Andy Katz wrote that the NCAA would make an announcement regarding the Huskies in the next seven to 10 days.

"UConn is the first high-profile school to receive the harshest penalty of a postseason ban due to a poor academic performance," Katz wrote Sunday. " (NCAA president Mark) Emmert said it should be a matter of just getting a conference call together by the committee and rendering a decision. He said this is the first time the penalty is being challenged and so it's new territory for the committee."

As we've pointed out at various points in recent weeks, UConn is trying to convince the NCAA to calculate Academic Progress Rates using the most recent year's data. If that happens, the men's program would meet the minimum requirements and would be eligible for the tournaments.

For now, the Huskies are in danger of losing more than the privilege to play in next year's postseason tournament, the same one they won 12 months ago. It could have a long-lasting impact on the state of the program; Alex Oriakhi is transferring because of the impending sanctions, and there's a decent chance Jeremy Lamb and Andre Drummond declare for the NBA Draft. Beyond that, recruits could decide to play elsewhere since the ultimate goal is to win a national title, something the Huskies won't be eligible to do in 2013 if the NCAA doesn't reconsider the way APRs are calculated.

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