Bucs Turn Ball Over on Downs Despite Unnecessary Roughness Call on Rams

Eric Weddle’s penalty was ruled to be a dead ball foul, resulting in the Rams catching a huge break up two scores late in the fourth quarter.

Getty Images

When Rams safety Eric Weddle popped Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans with a late hit to the helmet, it looked like Los Angeles had committed a costly fourth-quarter penalty in their divisional round game. 

The Bucs faced a fourth-and-14 down two scores and in Los Angeles territory. Tom Brady looked for Evans for the completion and the first down, but it was broken up by Jalen Ramsey. A couple of seconds later, Weddle laid a late hit on Evans. 

While it looked like Tampa Bay would be getting a first down, the officials explained that because the ball hit the ground before the hit was made, the penalty was enforced in between downs. 

As a result, the Buccaneers were forced to turn the ball over to the Rams and remained down 27-13. 

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