Northwestern Girls' Basketball Head Coach Fred Williams Wins 700th Game

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Northwestern girls basketball head coach Fred Williams is just one of two coaches in Connecticut with 700 career wins. Even more impressive is he’s done it all at the same place.

Williams, a Northwestern graduate himself, took over the team in 1978. Then, he was a 27 year-old math teacher. They won eight games that year.

Now, he’s 71, no longer teaching, but still working in the school as the athletic director. The Highlanders defeated Terryville to help their coach hit the 700 mark on Monday night.

The school honored him with a post-game ceremony, one which Williams reluctantly participated in. He doesn’t like the attention, never has.

Fortunately, there were dozens of alumni on hand to sing his well-earned praises and take a few well-meaning jabs.

“He's slowed down a little,” said Jean Bachman with a laugh.

She was on that first team in 1978. But, she added, that’s just about the only thing that has changed, evident in the way his current players celebrated the milestone.

“It just shows his character,” said senior captain Natalie Brodnitzki. “He doesn't do it to get celebrated. He does it because he loves coaching.”

“I grew up in Colebrook and have been here all my life,” Williams said. “I don't even think about coaching any place else. It's just been a great experience for me and hopefully the kids got something out of it, too.”

And it might not be the only celebration for Williams this season. He is just five wins away from breaking the Connecticut state girls basketball record for most all-time wins.

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