Ollie Reiterates Commitment to UConn

Just in case it wasn't clear when Kevin Ollie signed that new contract last month to more than double his salary, the UConn coach reiterated Tuesday that his heart is in Storrs, even with any lingering interest from the NBA.

"I want to be here at UConn," he said, according to the Connecticut News' William Paxton.

Ollie's contract is for five years and up to $16 million, but -- there's always a but -- could the NBA be a consideration for the future?

"I don't know about the future," Ollie admitted. "The only thing I can do is take care of today. I got a five-year contract, and I believe I'm going to be here all five years. That's my motto, that's where I want to be at. I want to be here with my family. I want to see my daughter graduate high school here in Connecticut. And whatever happens is going to happen. There's going to be speculation ever year, but the kids know that I have their back, their best interest in mind."

It's why Daniel Hamilton, one of the prized recruits in the 2014 freshman class, didn't sign a letter of intent. He wanted the ability to go elsewhere if Ollie decided to bolt for the NBA. But Hamilton assures everyone he'll be in town this month and Ollie is preparing to beat the bushes to find the next great UConn players.

"Definitely July is a recruiting month and we got to go back out," the coach said. "It's good to go back out there and see the talent. Not even recruit, it's about evaluation. I think the best programs are the programs that evaluate the best. We try to evaluate talent that will fit in our motto here at UConn."

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