If Marian Hossa has a Christmas tree, here's his ornament

Puck Daddy reader Dave from Lake Orion, MI writes:

"I was putting up my tree today in my new house and found this ornament that was given to me three years ago. I forgot about until now. Do you think Sidney Crosby would like it?"

No, sir, Sidney Crosby would not like it. But it appears your holiday ornament collection has eerily predicted Marian Hossa's free agency and inevitable signing with the Detroit Red Wings. Does the star on top of your tree depict an obscure Illinois senator taking the oath of office near the White House, too?

Or, perhaps, this ornament is a sign. We've seen the fan battles waged here on Puck Daddy between Wings supporters and the Pittsburgh Penguins faithful. Finding an ornament that blissfully marries the two franchises in seasonal joy can only mean that the 8 pounds, 6 ounces baby Jesus -- newborn, not even spoken a word yet - has called for a truce.

Anyone else have any hockey-related Christmas ornaments besides the usual logo balls?

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