Introducing the Puckhead Forum and Blogs With Balls

Department of Self-Congratulatory Nonsense:

• We ran the Crosby rebuttal blog last Saturday under the banner of "Puckhead Forum," which is something we've done before for various issue-oriented reader feedback posts.

Starting Saturday, it becomes a permanent weekend feature here -- a place for readers, bloggers and fans to opine on any hockey-related subject that strikes their fancy or raises their ire.

We receive so many passionate, insightful rants and essays every day (some that don't even mention the current OT format or television contract!) that deserve a public forum; and now they'll have one. Send submissions for Puckhead Forum to Thanks again for reading and participating ... and keep an eye out for our Stanley Cup playoffs contest.

• Heads up: On June 13 in New York City, I have the honor of participating in "Blogs With Balls," which is a massive gathering of new media smarty-pants and rapscallion bloggers. It takes place at Stout NYC (133 W 33rd St.) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ticket information is here, and hopefully some of the NYC/Jersey/Philly/Boston readership can make the event. No because I'm a speaker ... but because Sarah Spain is going to be there.

• Finally, I'm on Twitter.** And I'll figure out how it will improve the blog and revolutionize coverage as soon as I program this damn VCR.

* That was an excuse to use the word "copious."
** So are Leahy and Two-Line.

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